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Tai Ki Waza – suite 4ème stage

Sensei Jan Kallenbach a voulu rendre disponible pour les interressés les exercices faits lors du 4ème stage en hommage à Sensei Gilbert Gruss.

En voici un extrait, pour en savoir plus, contactez Marc.

We want to let you know, we recently made a video of a Tai Ki basic-moves drill, called: Tai Ki Format, with which we hope to provide a good basis for all Tai Ki kenpoka.

(format is a method model for studying, a kind of vehicle to help you further on the way)

This video has been published on Facebook: Tai Ki Ken international and on You Tube, under Tai Ki Bunkai mijn film Jan Kallenbach) were everyone can study it freely.

You can see them as the practical application of Tai Ki principles and demonstration of typical moves of the former chapter in my book about ‘defensive moving’


although Sawai sensei said Tai Ki does not have ‘fixed-forms’ (of course meant ‘kata’, like other disciplines do need) I take the freedom, to introduce a fixed form here.

For several reasons, as I think it necessary for each kenpoka to start with a clear common basis. Later on when this basis and format is understood, one can do the same form with one’s own preferences.

The format is a fighting moving sequence in which the core Tai Ki-moves

              are shown, against a forward attacking partner.

auteur : Marc Taris


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